Pillar Baptist Church Philippines

Sunday Morning 10:00am

Sunday Afternoon 1:00pm

Wednesday Bible Study 6:00pm

Pastor Logan Robertson

Evangelist Richard Symes


 Virgo / Pluto Street

Talomo,  Davao City

Davao del Sur, Philippines


Pillar Baptist Church Australia

Sunday Morning 10:30am*

Sunday Afternoon 1:00pm*

Tuesday Night 7:00pm*

Wednesday Night :00pm*


Goodna, Ipswich*

Queensland, Australia


Miami, Gold Coast*

Queensland, Australia


*Changes are happening at Pillar Baptist Church Australia since Pastor Logan Robertson was deported from Australia for saying he hated the religion of Islam. Some church members are still fighting legal charges.

* We are still running but not 100% just yet.



Pillar Baptist Church KJV Brisbane